Tokyo Metro 24hour Ticket 2016 new version

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Tokyo Metro is one of the Tokyo Subway System, as same as Tokyo Subway Ticket, Tokyo Metro 1-Day Ticket will be changed to Tokyo Metro 24hour Ticket at 26 Mar 2016.

Left: Tokyo Metro 1Day Open ticket (before 25 Mar 2016)
Right: Tokyo Metro 24hour Ticket (after 25 Mar 2016)

----Tokyo Metro 24hour Ticket 2016 new version ----

Start from: 26 MAR 2016
Valid areas: All Tokyo Metro lines
Price: Adult 600yen Child 300yen

The time will be counted when you first use the Tokyo Metro 24hour Ticket
Here is the example from Tokyo Metro
If you start to use  「Tokyo Metro 24hour Ticket 」at Mar 26 5pm, it will valid till Mar 27 5pm

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Where to buy
A. Buying in advance
Tokyo Metro pass offices (except Nakano, Nishi-funabashi and Shibuya (Fukutoshin Line) Stations)
Find out more at Tokyo Metro's website
at Tokyo Metro's website (Japanese), there are location maps

 Advance sale tickets

B. Buying on the day via automatic machine

Same day tickets

Tokyo Metro

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